About Brianna Lowen 

Internationally Educated Midwives Bridging Program UBC Midwifery

I am a Canadian, born and raised on the mainland, who decided to skip over to the Gold Coast of Australia to live and do my midwifery training. I am working at becoming Canadian trained now that I am back in Canada, to be able to practice midwifery here. I am gracious and excited to work with the midwives at Birth Partnership Victoria, and would be deeply grateful to be a part of your pregnancy and birth experience.

I found midwifery after working with women during their pregnancy in a retail atmosphere. I always knew I wanted to be with women during their pregnancies and birth, and learning about midwifery cemented how I wanted to do that. I hold deep respect for each women and each individual journey she takes to reach pregnancy and birth. I value each relationship that is created and endeavour to treat each relationship with openness and honesty, as well as practice safety. I worked with women in a hospital setting in Tweed Heads, Australia, as a student midwife, and previous to that, as a birth doula in the Lower Mainland for 7 years.

When I am not pursuing things midwifery related, I am spending time with my foster dogs, and with my partner. I enjoy gardening outside, and reading books, as well as keeping connected with friends, and coffee, I really enjoy coffee.