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Ask-the-Expert Video Series on COVID-19
Stephanie Elliott MPH, CPH and Dr. Fiona Matatall, in partnership with 19-to-Zero, University of Calgary Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary Department of Medicine and OBGYN Reproductive Infectious Diseases and PEBMA (Protecting Every Mom & Baby Alberta), created a series of casual ask-the-expert type videos about COVID-19, vaccines and the reproductive years.
Stephanie Elliott is a former Certified Professional Midwife (US) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and currently works as an epidemiologist and vaccine confidence subject matter expert with the federal government. Fiona Matattal is a general practice OBGYN working primarily with high risk individuals during pregnancy in Calgary, Alberta.
  • This video is geared toward healthcare providers reviewing the consequences of COVID-19 during pregnancy, vaccine safety, as well as evidence-based strategies for combating vaccine hesitancy.
    The other three videos are a series of videos for individuals in their reproductive years wanting more in depth and nuanced information about COVID-19 and vaccines. They are on the longer side to accomodate more detailed discussion. 
    This video is about fertility, menstruation and COVID-19 vaccines. 
    This video is about the implications of COVID-19 in pregnancy, intrapartum and the immediate postpartum, as well as vaccine safety during this time.
    This video is about the implications of COVID-19 in postpartum and the safety of vaccines during lactation.




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