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Jane practices as a solo midwife, and she relies on Jennifer to help attend to the administrative details of your care.  

Birth Partnership Victoria supports the expansion of midwifery services to BC women by participating as preceptors in the UBC Bachelor of Midwifery program. Students are placed for a length of time to facilitate continuity of care as well as the development of foundational clinical skills.  We thank you for welcoming them as part of your care team.  

We are very proud that Valerie Simmons has chosen Birth Partnership as her clinical home.  Val is very busy as the Island Cohort Lead for the UBC Bachelor of Midwifery program.  



Meet Us

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Jane Baker  Jennifer  
Jane Baker, RM
Registered Midwife

Jennifer Klages
Office Administrator 

Val Simmons

Registered Midwife

UBC Professor  


Emilie Ouellette

3rd YR UBC Midwifery




Tilly is Jane's pup.  She is very well behaved, loves cuddles and playing with stuffies. She holds the belief that on clinic days you are coming just to see her.  Tilly was adopted in September of 2020 by AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Society) after having given birth to nine puppies in an outbuilding.  She was taken in to foster care to nurse her puppies until they were ready for their furever homes. Before Christmas in 2020 Tilly flew out to become a part of Jane's heart...