About Norah Macy 

 2nd Year UBC Midwifery Student 

I am so grateful to Jane and her clients for their support during my midwifery education and journey. It is an incredible and humbling privilege to walk alongside someone through pregnancy and birth.

I have long been drawn to a career in health care and was introduced to midwifery while studying biology at UBC ten years ago. I was instantly drawn to the midwifery model, especially its focus on person-centered holistic care.

My work in the birth world has included five years supporting families through birth preparation and labour as a doula. More recently I have been drawn to research and spent the summer working on a tool to help facilities better support the natural physiologic processes of birth. It’sbeen very inspiring to see how research from the midwifery perspective can help support policy in ways that empower people.

My other passion is plants. When not working on my midwifery studies I’llmost likely be out gardening or exploring Victoria and its surrounding area with a field guide in hand.