Jane Baker, RM

My midwifery journey started with the births of my two most beautiful children, Cailleigh and Daniel.  I became active in "natural birth" advocacy groups where my curiosity and interest in women's experience of birth grew into a passion.  

The birth of a family is a miracle to behold. Being invited to watch the joy and wonder as a family welcomes a new life is an honour. Midwifery gives back to me in so many ways. I have many warm memories of the families that have included me in this wondrous time of their lives.

I have been a registered midwife since 2001. In Alberta, I was very involved with midwifery development and integration. In the early days I was the president of the local consumer organization, Birth Unlimited and helped to start the Calgary Doula Association.

I was  the President of the Alberta Association of Midwives(AAM) when public funding was announced in 2008. As president of the AAM I was also the Alberta representative on the Canadian Association of Midwives Board.  Before I left Alberta I was the Chair of the provincial negotiating committee for the AAM. 

With the generous, energetic and amazing Patty Lenstra, I was proudly part owner of Birth Partnership Midwives in Calgary. 

Victoria has always called to my heart and so here I am, excited to experience the next chapter of my life. I look forward to creating relationships and celebrating with you, the growth of your families.